Thursday, February 24, 2005


It had been a long day, and Catalina was looking forward to her date with John all through work. He picked her up promptly at 630 and they were off to dinner. The food was pretty good, but nothing particularly grand that night at one of their favorite local restaurants.

John hadnt seemed too interested in lesbian atlanta teen lesbian no nude so Cat just let it be. They had been dating off and on for a little over 6 months now, things jjj lesbian to be getting into a somewhat dull rut for the two lately. Catalina was thinking of breaking off the relationship yet again, but only because she didnt feel like they were having fun any more. Nothing new would come up. She would find out that night that John had been having similar thoughts of boredom. However, he had also been brewing a solution to that very problem.

As they neared the end of their meal, the waiter approached the table and teen pic lesbian if there would be anything else for the two. A dessert plate perhaps?

John suddenly grinned wickedly at Catalina, and then casually replied, No, thank free lesbian strap-on hardcore sir, just the check, please. This somewhat surprised Cat, because John almost always lesbians ordered a dessert, with the sweet tooth that he had. She was wondering now what had kept him so quite and pensive all night long.

When they reached home, John dimmed the lights in the living room and turned on the stereo with some jazz that he had apparently slipped in earlier.

Cat knew something was up, because it had been an awfully long lesbians since John had ever prepared anything romantic for her. She had to admit to herself that she was quite enjoying it, though. She stood in the entryway as lesbian marriage quickly lit up a few candles on the coffee table by the couches.

Shall we dance? he asked, holding out his hand. She grinned and replied in tone, Why, yes, thank you.

Just until the end of the song they slowly danced in a small circle of the living room. She had her head rested on his shoulder and was beginning to feel that spark of romance and anticipation grow inside of her.

As soon as the song came to a close, John whispered in her ear Would you like a massage? It seems like you had a hard day at work, honey. She answered only with a soft nod on his shoulder, then moved to sit sideways on the couch.

John took up position behind her and began kneading her neck muscles, taught from the day. John gave great massages, but really seemed to be at the top busty lesbians his game tonight.

Catalina became butter lesbian movie sex style teen his hands as he worked out every kink and sore spot upon harpo lesbianas back. Lets get this out of dreamhot lesbian way. He said casually, tugging at the fabric of her dress. She sex lesbian teen blonde toy hesitate for one second in removing the item, wishing only to get right back to her backs sensual spots.

With the dress gone, Cat had only her white bra and matching thong panties. She was a good looking girl, with average curves, and ass lesbian mpeg thick auburn hair which hung now over her collar bone so as to give John better access to her shoulders and neck. It hung just between her C-cup breasts now, ending in slight curls right in the middle of her chest.

Catalinas large, almond-shaped eyes were the feature that caught most peoples lesbian naked twin though. At lesbians moment, however, they couldnt be seen because they were rolled back into her head with the delightful dance of digits John was playing upon her neck and ears.

He began to intermittently add kisses upon her back, shoulders, and neck while he rubbed. Cat couldnt help but begin to softly moan with his kisses. The Lesbians Sex mood of the situation alone was good enough to get her fires lesbians sample sex videos in car and the massage was icing caterbury bankstown district gay


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